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    The following is an outline of the architectural services typically provided by Nawrocki Architects. The exact services provided will be specific to your needs/request:



    Predesign Phase

    During the Predesign Phase, primary project goals are established, preliminary programming and budget information gathered, and the existing site is documented. Predesign services include:


    §       Preliminary discussion of program requirements with Owner.

    §       Site survey of existing conditions (measure & photograph).

    §       Preparation/verification of as-built house plans & exterior elevations.

    §       Coordination of boundary and topographic survey work if required.

    §       Preliminary Building Code and Zoning Ordinance review.


    Design Phases

    During the Design Phases, Nawrocki Architects will develop the basic design concepts for the project and begin to coordinate these concepts with existing utilities and design & engineering consultants if required. Design services include:


    §       Development and refinement of a design concept for the project based on the programmatic requirements of the Owner.

    §       Coordination of proposed appliances, equipment and any related technical issues.

    §       Development of the design of any millwork and cabinetry requirements.

    §       Preliminary coordination with the Structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing) Engineers, Landscape and Interior Designers as may be required.

    §       Preparation of design drawings including floor plans and exterior elevations for Client approval.

    Construction Document Phase

    During the Construction Document Phase, Nawrocki Architects will prepare drawings and specifications for construction of sufficient detail to obtain a building permit from Fauquier County.  Construction Document services typically include:


    §       Preparation of proposed building plans showing layout and all dimensions.

    §       Preparation of foundation and structural framing plans.

    §       Preparation of elevation drawings of building exteriors and interior elements.

    §       Preparation of a finish schedule indicating the type, location and extent of interior finishes.

    §       Preparation of light fixture, plumbing fixture, appliance and equipment schedules.

    §       Preparation of construction details, including millwork.

    §       Preparation of general notes and specifications for construction.

    §       Coordination of our work with the corresponding work completed by any required Engineering or Design Consultants and review of their drawings and information.


    Permit Coordination and Bidding Phase

    The Permit Coordination and Bidding Phase begins when the permit drawings are issued at the end of the Construction Documents Phase. Permit Coordination and Bidding services can be provided on an as-needed basis and might include:


    §       Providing Construction Document sets as required to submit the project for review by county officials and obtain a building permit.

    §       Coordinating with a Permit Services Consultant who can expedite the permit process.

    §       Preparation of responses to questions and comments by county plan reviewers.

    §       Providing Construction Document sets for the General Contractor’s use.

    §       A pre-bid meeting and review of the drawings with the Contractor and selected Bidders.

    §       Preparation of clarifications to General Contractor’s questions as requested.

    §       Review of submitted bids with the Owner.


    Construction Administration Phase

    §       Conduct regular site visits to review the work in progress and to consult with Owner and the Contractor during the construction phase.

    §       Review Contractor's submittals, but only for the limited purpose of checking for conformance with the design concept expressed in the Contract Documents.

    §       Review of change orders.

    §       Review pay requisitions and recommend amounts owed Contractor based on site observations and evaluation of Contractor's application for payment

    §       Recommend solutions to Owner regarding work observed which does not conform to the Contract Documents

    §       Preparation of a final punchlist of unfinished or unsatisfactory construction items.

    §       Final walk through of the project to confirm completion of the punchlist work

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